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Prof.Bradley J. Monk,  Arizona Oncology, USA 

Highlights in Ovarium Cancer from ESMO 2019

Dr. Sumanta Pal, City of Hope, USA

Highlights in Bladder Cancer from ESMO 2019

Dr. Chiara Cremolini, University Hospital of Pizza, Italy

Highlights in CCR from ESMO 2019

Prof. Jesus Garcia-Foncillas, Oncohealth Institute, Spain

Highlights in GI Tumors from ESMO 2019

Dr. Frederico Cappuzzo, AUSL della Romagna-Ravenna, Italy

Highlights in Lung Cancer from ESMO 2019

Dr. Heather McArthur, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA

Highlights in Breast Cancer from ESMO 2019

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